Welcome to the party

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Welcome to my resin page and my first blog! I thought I would use this post to introduce myself. So my name is Regina and I am British born of Ghanaian descent. I grew up in Hertfordshire but now live in South West London with my husband.

I began using resin in July 2019 – yep the pandemic helped me get very creative. Before this date I had no idea what resin was but as soon as I discovered it, I wished that I had found out about it earlier. I work full time but I am also a lash artist and when COVID hit, I wasn’t able to give beauty treatments anymore so this was the outcome. I shouldn’t be surprised at my love for art as my mum was a phenomenal cake maker specialising in sugar craft and my brother is a photographer.

Resin is an expensive hobby to have but the joy I get from making it and not quite knowing what the reveal will be like gives me such a rush.

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