• Heat resistant epoxy resin (up to 90 degrees)
  • Diameter: 12cm
  • Depth: 0.9cm
  • Available in any quantity up to 6
  • Made with a mixture of mica powder, acrylic paint, metal powders and gilding wax/paint.


Stunning handmade set of flower coasters made with heat resistant resin (up to 90 degrees). Each is unique and no two are the same so you are purchasing a uinque piece of art which you can use.  Matching trays are also available separately. Any trays in pictures are not included in this set.


Each coaster has silcone bumpers on the base to prevent any scratching and for stability.


All coasters are made to order so  whilst the colour will be the same the design will not be (but it will be similar). Resin being a liquid tends to 'do it's own thing.'


I take great care with all my products but as they are handmade I cannot prevent small imperfections such as small ripples, bubbles and other small imperfections. 


1 coaster: £8.99

2 coasters: £17.99

3 coasters: £26.99

Set of 4 coasters: £33.99

5 coasters: £38.99

Set of 6 coasters £43.99


PLEASE NOTE: All coasters are handmade and take a minimum of 72 hours to cure before they can be shipped to you. If for any reason I am not happy with the outcome of your order, I will let you know and redo them but please keep the time it takes to cure in mind. Also please wait a further 7 days from receiving the coasters before placing a hot drink on it.

Luxury flower resin coasters

  • I do not accept returns on this item as they are made to order. If there is a fault, I will happily correct and if need be exchange it.